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In 1988, George Demmer was operating an aquarium installation and maintenance company in Ontario, Canada. He was well known to be an avid reader of business and marketing books and never passed up an opportunity to "talk business" with suppliers and clients alike.

One of his tropical fish suppliers was trying to figure out why their sales growth seemed stalled after rising rapidly during their first few years in operation. After chatting to George about the situation and being impressed with the suggestions he made, they asked if he would be willing to go to work on the problem for them.

When they wanted to issue a deposit cheque, they asked George what the name of his consulting business was. Since he didn't have one, he thought fast (although perhaps not too creatively) and told them to call it "GD Consulting." 

Although he didn't expect it at the time, GD Consulting soon became a full-time business. Just a few weeks after the fish supplier's request, George's computer and software supplier approached him about helping to train their sales staff and improve their advertising results.

When a survey needed to be conducted for the fish wholesaler, George approached Anne Ford (who was operating a pet store at the time) to handle the production, mailing, database work, and analysis.

Since then, George and Anne have worked consistently in the business. Their preference has been to work closely with no more than a few clients at a time. They have even been asked to take on executive positions and responsibilities in some cases.

After operating a group of businesses for a Florida client between 1992 and 1994, they chose to settle in Vancouver, British Columbia where the company has been located since.

Although neither partner was happy with the company name, it took until the Spring of 2000 before the decision was made to officially change it. The name Reality Marketing Associates was chosen to reflect the philosophy the partners used which focuses on results in the real world.



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